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11 September 2017

Baltimore expands speed, red-light camera system

First published11/09/2017
The Baltimore City Department of Transportation in the US has announced the addition of new automated enforcement locations, as part of the city’s Automated Traffic Violation Enforcement System (ATVES). The cameras will be activated on 25 September.

The city plans to install speed cameras at 15 locations, mainly in school zones, while red-light cameras will be activated at 21 locations in the city, Enforcement at all locations may be on a temporary, rotating or permanent basis.

According to the Baltimore Sun, American Traffic Solutions will be paid US$5.4 million over the next five years to run the speed camera system. Conduent will be paid US$4.2 million to run the red-light camera system, which a third firm, MRA Digital, will calibrate the cameras.

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