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Live stats page added to Traffic Technology’s SpeedWatch

First publishedin ITS International on www.ITSInternational.com
2016 November December
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Traffic technology SpeedWatch

Traffic Technology has  upgraded its SpeedWatch system, a compact radar device developed for use by Community SpeedWatch teams, following user feedback.

The tripod-mounted device provides a non-confrontational way to measure traffic speeds and lends itself to being used as part of school speed awareness programmes and speed survey work.

A live statistics page has now been added to provide a snapshot of activities on site, giving an overview of site speed safety and the effectiveness of SpeedWatch activity. During each session, users can now see the number motorists that would have been issued with a violator ticket (above police tolerance), the fastest speed detected and the average speed. It also provides graphical status indications (red/amber/green) of targets detected and roadside representation of speeds against posted speed limits and police tolerance. Speed information is wirelessly transmitted to a Wi-Fi enabled tablet (supplied) or smartphone and displayed on-screen with the green/amber/red band indicating the vehicle’s speed in relation to national police guidelines.

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