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15 October 2018

Cohda Wireless to trial AVs which can talk to each other in Australia

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com
Cohda Wireless is to trial two autonomous vehicles (AVs) in Australia this month.

The MKZ Sedans can communicate with traffic lights and each other – and the company also expects them to be able to detect pedestrians around blind corners.

The initiative, approved by the South Australian government, will take place in Adelaide’s central business district on closed-off roads.

Dr Paul Gray, chief executive officer of Cohda Wireless, told ABC that the technology is intended to reduce the chance of human error.

"This is really the goal of autonomous vehicles, is to make the vehicle safer and really just reduce the number of people that are dying on the road anyway just due to human error,” Gray adds.

He says technology can also sense a car behind a parked truck or another car approaching over a crest or hill.

"Whilst these completely autonomous, sit-in-the-backseat cars may be a long way off in the future, there is some early stage autonomy being introduced into the market,” Gray concludes.

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