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29 October 2019

LG U+ uses app to summon AV at South Korea demo

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com
LG U+ demonstrated how a smartphone app can be used to summon an autonomous vehicle (AV) at the LG Science Park in Seoul, South Korea.

A report by Korea Joongang Daily says an LG U+ employee summoned the AV connected to the carrier’s 5G network from a nearby car park and was able to monitor the car’s location through the app.

Once inside the AV, the employee used the app to initiate a 2.5km journey around the park while a safety driver remained in the front seat.

During the trial, a manually operated vehicle travelled in front and sent notifications to the AV that it was waiting for a school bus further ahead to move.

An LG U+ spokesperson is quoted as saying the technology can prevent collisions by delivering necessary traffic information to other vehicles on the road.

“School buses, in particular, stop frequently, affecting other cars and the overall traffic situation,” the spokesperson continued. “If such information is shared with other cars, it will largely improve safety for children.”

Other test scenarios included stopping after encountering a jaywalking pedestrian, changing lanes as an ambulance approached from behind and slowing down as a tent in the corner of the road blocked the view of incoming cars from the side.

Results showed that most scenarios were successful, but the car had to be summoned twice after initially returning to the starting point and parking itself.

Choi Joo-sik, executive vice president at LG U+, said the problem occurred because traffic in the demonstration area was not properly controlled.

LG U+ intends to allow other companies to test related services in the science park.