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Lyft Green Mode option allows riders to request electric and hybrid vehicles

First publishedin ITS International
April 2019

Lyft is launching a Green Mode feature within its app to provide riders in Seattle with the option to travel in an electric or hybrid vehicle.
The move follows the company’s planned introduction of thousands of electric vehicles (EVs) onto its platform this year.
Lyft says the deployment will allow its drivers to increase net earnings as it says the cost of travelling in an EV is half that of a petrol-powered car, therefore saving hundreds of dollars per month on fuel costs.
Drivers can switch to EVs through the Express Drive car rental programme which, according to Lyft, provides unlimited mileage and standard maintenance, as well as insurance coverage.
Initially, drivers will have access to unlimited charging on top of a weekly rental rate which varies by city. Drivers can obtain more information on the rate by viewing their rental agreement.

More EVs will be introduced through the Express Drive programme, with Atlanta the next city in which they will be available.


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