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28 June 2019

Baron unveils weather forecasting model

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com
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Baron has launched a weather forecasting model which it says can be used for ITS and traffic applications.

According to Baron, the solution offers predictive parameters 66 hours into the future at 3km resolution at hourly intervals. It can also run a second set of parameters 90 hours into the future at 15km resolution, the company adds.

Bob Dreisewerd, vice president of development at Baron, explained the idea behind the new launch: “First and foremost was accuracy. We wanted a more accurate weather model than we currently deliver to our customers…we feel we’ve achieved that.”

Additionally, the new model features more weather products including over 25 different parameters. These include a freezing rain accumulation forecast which can aid municipalities in preparing for inclement road conditions via closures or properly timed road pre-treatments. A wind speed product is designed to help emergency managers focus resources to areas in which trees or power links are more likely to be downed by wind, while a heat index can be applied to help maintain the safety of outdoor workers during the summer.