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21 January 2019

GMV to renew Seville Metro’s video surveillance system

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GMV is to upgrade the onboard video surveillance system for Spanish operator Seville Metro’s 21-train fleet.

GMV says it will help improve safety for passengers and those outside the train, by recording and sending the video signal of all the train’s cameras to a control centre in Seville, the capital of Spain’s Andalusia region.

The company will also replace the control centre’s back office software to allow operators to display real-time images of the different cameras, as well as track down and run recordings in various screen settings.

Additionally, GMV is to deliver network electronics for a multiservice Ethernet, digital video recording equipment, video coders for digitalisation of the existing camera’s analogue signal, IP screens for the driver interface and antennae for Wi-Fi/4G communications with the control centre.

Last year, GMV won a contract to upgrade the onboard video surveillance systems for 149 metro trains owned by Barcelona Metropolitan Transport to help improve communication across the city’s metro network.

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