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27 November 2019

Lagos is top city for road fatalities, says study

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com

A study has revealed that Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, has the highest number of fatalities involving at least one vehicle per 100,000 inhabitants.

Mister Auto says the city's 26 people per 100,000 was based on a country-level ratio as city-level data was unavailable. National data was also used in cities in India, Mongolia, Russia, Turkey and Israel.

The online retailer's 2019 Driving Cities Index also highlights what makes a city a good location to drive in when it comes to safety, infrastructure and costs.

The fatality rate in the African country's largest city was followed by the US city of Orlando (23), the Indian cities of Kolkata and Mumbai (both 22) and the Russian city of St. Petersburg (18). At the bottom of the list is the UK city of Manchester (8).

As part of the study, Mister Auto carried out a poll on road rage involving more than 6,000 drivers to better understand aggressiveness and general driving culture. Cities with the highest score had the most amount of road rage incidents witnessed by respondents.

The Mongolian city of Ulaanbaatar received the worst score for road rage of 99, followed by the Russian city of Moscow (98), Karachi in Pakistan (98), the Indian city of Kolkata (97) and Lagos (97). Japan’s Osaka received the top score of 1 for road rage.