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19 September 2019

Lyft ramps up driver and passenger safety efforts

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com

Ride-share firm Lyft is seeking to head off concerns over passenger safety by requiring its drivers to take a ‘community safety’ course.

Lyft has partnered with non-profit anti-sexual assault organisation Rainn, and drivers will be required to complete an education course designed by both parties. Riders and drivers must agree to Lyft’s community guidelines on behaving with care and respect. Passengers reported for violating these will be removed from the platform while drivers will be required to take additional safety courses.

According to a blog post, Lyft is now offering a ‘smart trip check-in’ service where - if a journey appears to have unexplained delays - its team will ask the driver and passenger whether they need support.

Lyft co-founder John Zimmer says all safety features in the app will be available in a single place, including a way to dial 911. Emergency assistance from the app displays vehicle information and the number plate, making it easier to inform dispatchers if necessary.

“We've known since the beginning that as part of our mission, we must heavily invest in safety,” he continues. “We continue to welcome accountability and partnership to best protect our rider and driver community.”

In February, Lyft formed a community safety programme committee led by general counsel Kristin Sverchek, and former US secretary of transportation Anthony Foxx. It has introduced 14 new safety features this year including increased anti-fraud measures and requiring detailed feedback for any rides less than four stars.

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