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12 July 2019

PTV and Tatweer launch UAE dispatch monitoring

First publishedon www.ITSInternational.com

PTV has partnered with Tatweer to set up a system that it says will allow the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to manage car dispatches to respond to emergencies.

Dr. Atef M Garib, CEO, Tatweer, a professional services company, says the role of the dispatcher is to direct emergency response cars to help people who have called the centre for help.

“Operators play a key role in making sure cars are dispatched and reach the incident destination on time avoiding traffic congestion delays,” Garib adds.

PTV say its Optima software components provide real-time traffic information and allow users to forecast the traffic flow. The Hyperpath routing engine - integrated with Optima - improves the dispatchers’ response by estimating the travel time between the vehicle’s current location and the emergency destination, the company adds.

According to PTV, Hyperpath helps the dispatcher select the emergency vehicle that will reach the destination in the shortest time and guide it on the fastest route.

Andrea Petti, managing director, PTV Middle East, India and Africa, says: “Our software helps authorities with real-time traffic situational awareness, traffic forecast and route optimisation to allow emergency vehicles to reach the emergency site as soon as possible.”

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