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Smart LED traffic signals prevent snow and ice build-up

First publishedin ITS International
2016 November December
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GE Smart LED traffic signals prevent snow and ice build-up

Canadian company Current powered by GE, has launched a smart LED traffic signal that can help prevent the build-up of snow and ice on the lamps.  The new heated shell GTx low profile lamp is equipped with sensors that measure ambient conditions and automatically activate the heating elements on the front shell to help prevent ice and snow formation on the lamp. This feature also allows for reduced energy consumption as the element is not required to be on at all times.

The heated shell is powered by a separate driver which ensures operation independent of the normal on/off cycle of the traffic signal. It is also protected from moisture and water through over-moulded connectors. The heated shell traffic light is available in standard red, yellow, and green in both clear and tinted front shell options.  Available in standard red, amber and green, options include multiple dimming configurations and mask add-ons.

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