3M reimagines approach to safety

3M which, for over 80 years, has engineered infrastructure solutions to improve the safety and mobility of our roads is inviting visitors to re-envision the future of urban roads. It’s a future where traffic accidents in urban areas can be reduced. Even eliminated.
March 29, 2022
Rik Nuyttens of 3M
Rik Nuyttens of 3M

Take traffic signs. They communicate laws, directions, crosswalks, designated areas like bus stops and pedestrian zones, speed limits, work zones, and other key pieces of information that help drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Visibility is crucial and the best way to ensure visibility is to use highly retroreflective fluorescent sheeting. The high-tech digital printers on the 3M stand won’t just demonstrate how national regulations can be met, while working in a just-in-time (JIT) mode, but also how full creativity in sign design is enhanced.

Roads need highly visible pavement markings in a wide range of conditions, including challenging scenarios like night, dawn, dusk, and when it’s raining. Easily removable 3M markings offer workzone safety, pop-up bike lanes or things like temporary parking bays. Importantly, temporary markings have evolved to help cities evaluate urban design changes before deploying a permanent situation.

And for permanent safety solutions, rainy, wet conditions can make it challenging to see pavement markings. The answer is wet-retroreflective beads to help improve visibility. Visitors will also see demonstrated delineators and barriers to mark protected bicycle lanes, extended crosswalks, pedestrian zones, left turn lanes, and more.  

Meanwhile, vehicle markings help prevent collisions by improving the visibility of these vehicles. However, the benefits of conspicuity markings go beyond large, motorised vehicles. Due to the rising number of cyclist fatalities, the latest reports recommend using reflective marking to increase the visibility of micro-mobility.

  • Visitors to the 3M stand can also see the company’s products in action by visiting a night-time experience demo room at the Europe Forum.

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