Exelerate & Atos team up to cut pollution

Research has proven that traffic congestion results in an increase of air pollution which harms both drivers in traffic jams and those who live near congested roads. The Covid pandemic underlined these results even further when cities which were under lockdown exhibited a significant improvement in air quality.
March 30, 2022
Left Albert Seubers, Atos and Ziv Neuman, Exelerate
Left Albert Seubers, Atos and Ziv Neuman, Exelerate

Traffic congestion is such a major cause of air pollution so it is only natural that a resolution to this problem is to improve the traffic flow on congested roads.

Exelerate Smart Traffic control is an Israeli-based company which develops Falcon, an innovative traffic light management platform with a mission to allow cities to independently manage their traffic infrastructure.

Atos is a global leader in the field of communication and digital transformation with a turnover of over €11 billion and over 100,000 employees worldwide.

Atos and Exelerate are here to exhibit a joint, deployable solution to tackle the reduction of air pollution because of traffic congestion. Atos is present in a wide range of cities providing digital services for the city's needs and has access to data collected from city-wide air pollution sensors.

Exelerate's software and algorithms control traffic lights based on information received from various sources. Together, Exelerate and Atos have combined forces to create a connection between air pollution readings and traffic light management, allowing automatic adaptations in traffic in response to changes in local pollution.

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