IRD EU takes centre stage

International Road Dynamics (IRD) is here at Intertraffic to showcase its new local subsidiary, IRD EU. The main aims are to highlight the company’s product and service offering, establish and grow relationships, and pave the way for further acquisitions in four key strategic areas — commercial vehicle safety and enforcement, advanced traffic management for highways and cities, road tolling, and smart cities.
March 30, 2022
Rish Malhotra (right) with Heimo Haub
Rish Malhotra (right) with Heimo Haub

The new entity, announced late last year, is led by Heimo Haub, a veteran of the European tolling sector. As managing director, he will build the senior management team and then drive local strategies and opportunities.

IRD EU, says Haub, reflects a desire to be at the heart of one of the world’s fastest developing ITS markets with an entity that offers both a distinct identity and greater regional cohesion.

Ultimately, it means better service for both existing and new customers.

“IRD EU will facilitate access to our technologies and significantly improve our service base,” says Haub. “We want to maintain our dominant position in commercial vehicle enforcement and help to drive the market here. At the same time, we want to underline that we already have a significant presence in Europe, with group companies Icoms Detections, Sensor Line and VDS.”

“We manufacture locally, install locally and service locally,” Haub continues. “We’re keen to discuss future acquisitions and expansion as part of our longer-term goal — safer, more efficient roads and a safer, greener, trusted world.”

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