Nissen displays Defender crash attenuator

Nissen says that its Defender, a mobile crash attenuator, also known as a truck mounted attenuator (TMA), meets the new crash test standard CEN/TS 16786.
March 30, 2022
Le to right: Jan Vogt, Stefan De Craecker, Gerwin Wagenaar
Le to right: Jan Vogt, Stefan De Craecker, Gerwin Wagenaar

The Nissen Defender combines two important functions to meet CEN/TS 16786, a more European-focused standard. Defender has the necessary advance warning or barrier deployment for tra ic lanes. It also provides protection of personnel, road users and service vehicles in the event of a rear-end collision.

The crash absorber consists of a lightweight aluminium cushion incorporating internal honeycombs to absorb the kinetic energy of a collision, thereby reducing the risk of personal injury and damage to the service vehicle.

There is a warning panel for customised configuration, a crash absorber and a docking station that can be fitted to any service vehicles. The system is folded up and is out of the way during transportation. Once on site, the service vehicle is moved into the relevant position, the crash absorber is folded down via electrohydraulic action and the warning panel is activated. Another unique benefit: the crash absorber can already be folded down and up again during transportation. In this way, the transport vehicle comes to a standstill while already being secured and can equally start again. Transport vehicles starting from a weight of 7.5 tonnes are recommended – even mandatory in Scandinavia, Belgium and the Netherlands, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria.

Defender is based on the time-tested Nissen RAMBO II that can now be easily – and quickly - brought to CEN/TS 16786 standard by means of the company’s tool kit in only a few steps.

Stand 08.360

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