No bumps in the road for Edeva

Actibump, an active speed bump, is now available worldwide after a decade and 100 installations in the Nordics. A special demonstration is available to visitors at the stand of Edeva, which developed and manufactures Actibump. During Intertraffic the accompanying software platform will be shown live.
March 31, 2022
Richard Pulkkinen and Karin Wiklund
Richard Pulkkinen and Karin Wiklund

The Actibump achieves the compromise between accessibility and traffic safety. It consists of the active - moveable - speed bump and a software platform called EdevaLive that monitors the hardware and collects and presents data from sensors on site.

The visible part of the Actibump is a hatch integrated into the road surface. A radar measures the speed of oncoming vehicles and when a speeding vehicle approaches, the hatch lowers a few centimetres, creating a dent in the road, giving the driver a physical reminder of the speed limit. It leads to a behavioural change where drivers stop speeding since all you need to do to avoid the inverted speed bump is to stick to the speed limit.

For all drivers abiding by the speed limit the hatch remains level with the road surface and doesn’t affect the vehicle. This means that buses and emergency vehicles get better accessibility compared to regular speed bumps, bus drivers and passengers get a comfortable ride, and vulnerable road users get a safe passage.

Additional sensors can be installed in the Actibump or at the Actibump installation site to get data regarding vehicle types, vehicle weight, noise levels, air quality, temperature and ground vibrations. Other sensors can be added on request.

The Actibump won the Swedish Quality Innovation Award in 2021 and is a prize winner in the international Quality Innovation Award 2022 as well.

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