OTT is ready whatever the weather

OTT HydroMet, global provider of environmental monitoring solutions in water and weather applications, is here in Amsterdam to focus on its Lufft brand with a range of systems. These include a rain sensor, visibility sensors, and the award-winning Marwis mobile road weather sensor.
March 30, 2022
Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado

Professionals around the world rely on Lufft’s stationary or mobile road weather information systems (RWIS). They are used for ice and water film detection as well as for traffic control or management systems (VMS), by road maintenance depots, and operation managers to monitor road conditions, friction, temperatures, visibility, and more.

The data gathered by first-class monitoring instruments is used to design efficient operational plans and to keep roads free from snow, ice, or water film layers to protect from dangerous traffic situations.

As a leading provider of innovative and easy-to-integrate solutions, OTT HydroMet offers customisable options for road weather applications through its Lufft brand. Visitors will be able to see all instruments needed for a state-of-the-art RWIS from one source as well as measurement principles for road sensors with optical, embedded, stationary, and mobile options.

Also being featured is a variety of modern data loggers and telemetry technologies leveraging satellite and cellular transmitters, to collect, send, view, and manage critical water data remotely.

Visitors will also be able to learn about powerful client servers and the flexible cloud-based software ViewMondo that allow data to be collected and automatically integrated for continuous and near real-time access

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