RoadVista expands its horizons

RoadVista is increasing its range of reflectometers with the introduction of the StripeMaster 3 for comprehensive pavement marking asset management.
March 30, 2022


This updated retroreflectometer is lighter, smaller, and easier to carry with a spring-action handle that easily opens for quick and easy set up.

US-headquartered RoadVista says that, with traffic increasing and autonomous vehicles becoming more prevalent and integrated, its retroreflectivity measurement tools help create safer roads for operators, as well as human drivers and machine vision for autonomous vehicles.

RoadVista’s Laserlux G7 mobile pavement retroreflectometer provides road stripe assessment at highway speeds and is designed to enable operators to attain real-time measurements of road striping in real-world conditions. Measurements can be taken with the flow of traffic at day or night.

The Laserlux G7 (LLG7) features the Squid Mount mounting system and can be mounted to virtually any vehicle, providing the opportunity to test on both sides of the vehicle for full-lane road testing. The Laserlux G7 Vision enables testing in the infrared spectrum providing road marking machine vision visibility data for ADAS sensors such as LiDAR. Real-time and downloadable data is available for analysis.

Stand 03.326

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