Sensebit flexes its muscles

Advances in battery and electronics technology have opened up a new market for Swedish company Sensebit.
March 31, 2022


The company’s Flex sensor takes advantage of much longer battery life and electronics with greatly reduced power requirements to transform what had been a road sensor with a one-year life to one that will last for up to a decade.

This has transformed the product and marketplace, said CEO Fredrik Zettergren. Traditionally, customers wanted permanent measurement stations, but costs meant that they could usually afford only a small number of these, together with larger numbers of temporary measuring stations.

Now, instead of paying €15,000 for a permanent station, they can pay roughly one-tenth of that for a product whose lifespan makes it effectively a permanent installation. Flex measures factors such as vehicle speed and type of vehicle, time-stamping them. Sensebit has now sold Flex to 13 countries.

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