Shotl goes the extra mile for mobility

Villages and residential suburbs can be good places to live, but often lack public transport facilities. Buses tend to be infrequent and, where they exist, often require public subsidies.
March 30, 2022


Shotl aims to solve that problem through its first mile/last mile on-demand mobility service that will allow public transport operators to run fleets of small buses or minivans that can be dynamically routed in real time.

The Spanish company’s solution uses three interlinked apps. Passengers submit a trip request, including the number of passengers and the locations from which they should be picked up. The app will then provide a pick-up time and an estimated arrival time at the destination.

A corresponding app for the bus or van driver will direct them to pick-up and drop-off points, choosing the best route and, where there are several vehicles in an area, match routes with vehicles.

Fleet and operations managers, meanwhile, have access to a central console that allows them to monitor operations in real time, check fluctuations in demand and manage vehicle availability. Supervisors can also monitor the progress of each trip and handle requests from people who do not have access to the app and telephone to arrange a pick-up.

Shotl operates in suburban and rural areas around several European cities, including Barcelona, Milan and Lisbon. The company says that, in each case, it has seen a large increase in passenger numbers, both when replacing existing fixed bus routes and when acting as providers of first mile/last mile journeys.

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