Survision turns focus on emissions

Survision is showing off a book-sized enforcement camera at Intertraffic which can be used for city tolling and for the increasingly important application of enforcing urban low-emission zones worldwide.
March 31, 2022
Laura Caillot, top and Maria Lavrinenko
Laura Caillot, top and Maria Lavrinenko

The company says its Citypak 5 keeps the spirit of all Survision cameras: there is no trigger, it is all-embedded (no server and no heavy videos transmitted), it has high-performing IA-based firmware and can be used in environments where there tends to be a lack of already-available wired backbones.

As city authorities are increasingly concerned about the air quality which their citizens breathe in each day, many are turning to some form of restriction on motor vehicles – and these restrictions need enforcing with pinpoint accuracy.

As well as being particularly compact – and therefore offering discreet and unobtrusive installation - Citypak 5 offers wide aiming (up to 7 metres or two lanes) and at long distance (up to 35 metres) and directly embeds a 4G connection, allowing the real-time concentration of data in the Cloud.

When it comes to functionality and practicality, it has a protective front cover to reduce cleaning intervals and supplies real-time technical supervision data to make sure it is permanently performing at 100% of its capacities, the company insists. It is also the price of a standard LPR access control camera, Survision says.

Stands: 12.200 & 05.351

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