Theia debuts Linear Optical Technology

Theia Technologies, exhibiting for the first time at Intertraffic, is showcasing its award-winning family of 4K Day/Night NIR corrected lenses used for ANPR/LPR, tolling, parking and other ITS applications.
March 30, 2022
Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson

The motorised versions are unparalleled because they provide a rare combination of high 300lp/mm resolution, excellent NIR correction, motorised zoom and focus. Moreover, they come in a compact, lightweight assembly allowing remote set up and licence plate capture at significant distances.

In addition, Theia is debuting for the Intertraffic audience, the company’s patented Linear Optical Technology which corrects barrel distortion without the use of software or its inherent latency. The technology enables a family of megapixel lenses offering horizontal fields of view up to 135o with very low distortion while improving the resolution at the image edge compared to typical wide-angle lenses.

The lenses provide great peripheral vision for situational awareness in navigation and remote operation of vehicles and robots used in a variety of ITS applications from logistics to assisted and unmanned vehicles. The lenses can be used to capture wide areas at short distances such as in under-vehicle surveillance and shipping container identification, among many other imaging tasks.

Visitors to the Theia stand who take a survey will qualify for a free lens sample – while supplies last!

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