Iteris & Continental join forces on V2X

Iteris and Continental are showcasing their new Vehicle to Everything (V2X)-enabled detection solution, Vantage Fusion, here at this year’s ITS America Annual Meeting.
December 8, 2021
Kent Young of Continental (left) and Todd Kreter of Iteris
Kent Young of Continental (left) and Todd Kreter of Iteris

According to the companies, this hybrid traffic detection system enables real-world V2X applications and advanced intersection visualisation and is designed to help transportation agencies and automotive OEMs achieve safer, smarter and more sustainable roadways.

The Vantage Fusion hybrid video and radar detection system, which is available for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) demonstrations during the event, delivers unmatched detection, tracking and classification accuracy of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, with unique visualisation capabilities that enable intuitive, top-down viewing of intersections in real time.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Vantage Fusion, a future-oriented hybrid traffic detection system that enables real-world V2X applications, while preparing cities and automotive OEMs for advancements in connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technologies,” said Todd Kreter, senior VP and general manager, Advanced Sensor Technologies at Iteris. “With the addition of Vantage Fusion to Iteris’ market-leading portfolio of smart sensors, transportation agencies now have access to unmatched detection and tracking accuracy of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

They also have truly unmatched intersection visualisation capabilities, to achieve their goals of improving safety, mobility and sustainability throughout complex transportation networks.”

The launch of Vantage Fusion is the first solution from Iteris and Continental’s recently announced, future-oriented traffic infrastructure collaboration to leverage automotive sensors, and Infrastructure to Vehicle (I2V) connectivity.

The goal is to make city transportation systems across North America safer, more efficient and more sustainable, while supporting local and regional transportation agencies’ efforts to achieve their Vision Zero goals and preparing cities and automotive OEMs for advancements in CAV technologies.

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