Less time in traffic with NoTraffic sensors

Don’t delay; visit the booth of NoTraffic to see the company’s edge-based autonomous traffic management platform that is reducing traffic delays in the US. It calculates optimal traffic signal timing and phase progression in real time.
December 9, 2021
Less traffic with NoTraffic, says Thomas Cooper (full story on page 3)
Less traffic with NoTraffic, says Thomas Cooper (full story on page 3)

The system’s plug-and-play AI sensors are installed at each intersection approach to provide road user detection and classification via a fusion of machine vision and radar. Users are classified as bikes, pedestrians, trucks, buses and more. Anonymised processed data is streamed to the cloud for city-grid coordination. Connected vehicle capabilities are integrated directly into the sensor units.

Meanwhile, the AI optimisation engine, installed in the traffic light cabinet, aggregates sensor data from each approach, calculates optimisation variables and monitors safety. It also acts as a gateway to cloud-based data analytics software and the user portal.

And it works! A project in Chandler, Arizona, showed a 20% reduction in traffic delays – down from 33.45 seconds to 26.62 per vehicle.

Booth: 1510

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