Miovision to the core

Miovision has launched a powerful hardware platform called Miovision Core to support the next generation of software solutions for intersection management.
December 9, 2021
Kurtis McBride of Miovision
Kurtis McBride of Miovision

Miovision Core is a small, extensible device that plugs into existing traffic signals and immediately connects them to a wireless network. Traffic teams then have remote monitoring and alerts for maintenance and repair issues.

Add-on extensions offer video-based detection and continuous traffic data, with software solutions from Miovision and its partners to offer a growing selection of solutions.

"Miovision Core has the capacity to run a vast array of software solutions" said Kurtis McBride, Miovision co-founder and chief executive. Miovision Core will eventually supersede Miovision SmartLink and Miovision SmartSense. Importantly, it provides twice the computational capability as Miovision SmartLink and provides new capabilities to run more sophisticated software solutions at the intersection. It adds over 50% more video computing power to support computer vision-based solutions like video detection and multimodal traffic counts.

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