Navtech Radar shows off ClearWay

Navtech Radar is attending ITS America 2021 for the first time to share how its ClearWay safety solution is making the world’s roads safer.
December 7, 2021
ITS America2


By harnessing the power of the latest radar technology, Navtech believes it has developed the best available solution for incident detection in all weather and light conditions.

Navtech MD Phil Avery says: “We are keen to bring our high performance, radar-based safety solutions to even more parts of the world. So, we developed the new KTS radar, which has a whole new design to meet local frequency requirements and still deliver our proven performance. Now certified for use in the US, it is the perfect time to strengthen our partnership with Dan Flynn to represent Navtech in the region.”

Flynn will provide dedicated in-country support to our customers.

The solution is deployed on highways in over 46 countries as well as the US.

ClearWay is an intelligent safety solution for highways, tunnels and bridges. It continuously monitors all highway activity with fully-automated detection and tracking. It operates in all weather and light conditions, so you can rely on it in fog, rain, snow, bright sunlight and complete darkness

Operators are alerted within 10 seconds when a vehicle stops or is detected driving in the wrong direction, significantly reducing the time it takes to set warning signs and respond to incidents, especially in adverse conditions. Navtech’s radar technology offers 360°, wide-area coverage, across all lanes and on both sides of the highway. This means you can continuously monitor all activity on the road, with minimal infrastructure over long distances.

Data from the sensor can be used to deliver additional capabilities and information about your network, Navtech says, including tried and tested applications such as count and classify, hard shoulder monitoring, queue detection and many more.

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