delivers on workzone safety is here in Charlotte with a promise: to simplify lives by delivering a bigger picture
December 8, 2021
MobilityXX: what is is & why it matters
MobilityXX: what is is & why it matters

In a decade spent creating and operating one of the world’s most comprehensive workzone, event and traffic mapping platforms, the company has discovered that comprehensive doesn’t have to be complicated.

“Whether you’re managing or consuming traffic data, real-time, accurate and actionable information can only improve efficiency and safety when traffic managers, agency leaders, the media and the public are on the same page. Yet they’re rarely all reading the same book,” said Simon Topp (pictured),’s chief commercial officer. “ puts everyone on the same word, within the same sentence in the same chapter.”

With an eye on the CAV future,’s software ingests data from almost limitless sources and enriches it, so customers can push out clear and actionable information to agency teams, the media, navigation apps, and the public. And in a break from the tradition of the consistently out-of-date traffic map, when a road crew progresses down a street, an on-site authorised team member can make a few cell phone inputs and update the entire map. Again, comprehensive, not complicated. But here at the ITS America Annual Meeting, is doing something unprecedented. The company is offering to create a free, no obligation Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) feed for any agency that stops by its booth.

“We’re growing, and we plan to dramatically increase our US footprint over the next year with new agreements, partnerships and innovations,” says Topp. “So, if you represent an agency looking for a better way, or an engineering firm looking for a valuable RFP partner, stop by and kick our tyres. We’re ready to simplify your life too.”