Sentinel keeps watch on signals

Sentinel Transportation Systems’ STS Shield System turns passive traffic lights into active alarms that immediately alert departments of transportation to ensure necessary repairs are made as soon as possible.
December 7, 2021
Sentinel Lights

You can see at ITS America 2021 how this active monitoring helps prevent traffic-related incidents, eradicating public reporting entirely, leaving the responsibility to smart technology instead.

Once installed, immediately upon a signal head turning, the sensor sets off an alarm, triggering a signal that is then received and addressed by the command-and-control unit, which typically means a repair unit is dispatched within one hour. Sentinel says the STS Shield System means that, in previously neglected neighbourhoods that had grown accustomed to seeing traffic repair turnaround times of a few weeks - if at all - are now seeing tangible results in a matter of hours.

The implementation of such a solution implies an inherent lack of bias given the technology’s inability to discriminate based on its installation location. The technology has been endorsed by the Los Angeles mayor’s office, which called the sensor a “worthwhile investment that has a positive impact on public safety”.

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