TransCore ploughs ahead this winter

There’s no business like snow business if traffic controllers have to move mountains of the white stuff to keep roads clear in winter. The citizens of Denver, Colorado, know this all too well.
December 9, 2021


But TransCore is coming to their rescue, thanks to a contract just signed with Colorado DoT to implement signal priority for snowploughs. Signal prioritisation for pedestrians, buses and emergency vehicles is common. But the pilot project, which starts in March in District One in metropolitan Denver, is the first of its kind, said Michael Mauritz, senior vice-president of ITS solutions at TransCore. If successful it could be rolled out to other municipalities in the state.

For the past three to five years, Denver, like New York, San Jose and Montreal, has already been using TransCore’s TransSuite traffic management software for real-time analysis and change signal patterns at the touch of a button. The beauty of the Denver deal is there is no major up-front cost for expensive new hardware. Instead, the project uses exiting equipment. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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