Explore an industry first from Miovision

Visitors to the Miovision booth will get an important insight into how the company enables cities to reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions while improving public safety through scalable transport solutions.
April 11, 2023


Expanding on the reliability and ruggedness of Miovision Scout, the company will be showcasing Miovision Scout Explore. This next-generation all-in-one model is easier to transport and faster to set up. The company says the Miovision Scout Explore is the first portable video-based data collection solution to offer AI capabilities previously only available at the intersection or in the cloud.

With onboard processing and automatic uploading of multimodal volume counts (ATRs), speed, and pedestrian/bike pathway data, users no longer need to upload files at the office or rely on third-party vendors to see and use the data - results can be immediately reviewed and validated remotely from anywhere.

Scout Explore features safe, non-intrusive roadside deployment, on average decreases project costs by 54 per cent and reduces field technician time by 75 per cent, 95+ per cent data accuracy, six vehicle classification types, and provides up to 12 days of run-time with four batteries. It can also be swapped in-field for longer projects.

Miovision says Scout Explore is the all-in-one solution for TMCs, ATRs, roundabouts, pedestrian/bike pathways, and speed studies.
Booth: 809

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