is changing the work zone safety game is here in Texas with a game – it’s cornhole (pictured) - and attendees have a chance to win an Apple Watch Ultra by playing it. But the company is also changing the work zone safety game – actually, it’s changing the whole playing field.
April 25, 2023
Barry Matlock of
Barry Matlock of

This game is a serious business, with serious implications. Work zone deaths are trending in the wrong direction and as a safety leader, is bringing new solutions and a new way of thinking to this ITS America Conference and Expo.  

The company’s Live Link application is the cornerstone of a successful state-wide project with Florida DOT and plans to make new deployment announcements in the next few weeks. Live Link allows workers to open and close lanes and roads right from the jobsite, sharing that information with Waze, Google, Apple Maps and TomTom as well as the driving public, all with a few clicks on a cell phone. And since commercial trucks are involved in more than 25% of work zone fatalities, has also just announced a partnership with Drivewyze, to deliver work zone alerts from the roadside to the truck cab through Drivewyze’s extensive trucker network.  As agencies deal with increasing traffic volumes and consider how to reduce work zone crashes and live up to their Vision Zero commitments, the platform is scalable, it’s off the shelf and it’s ready to go.  

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