Stuttgart pushes high-speed cameras

Eliminating the need to get out of vehicles to issue tickets for speed violations has the potential to save police officer lives, says Gerhard Lamprecht, CEO of Stuttgart, a manufacturer of transportation safety products.
April 26, 2023
Gerhard Lamprecht of Stuttgart
Gerhard Lamprecht of Stuttgart

Lamprecht’s company hopes to do just that by combining radar enforcement with high-speed cameras.

The Stuttgart Model S is the company’s latest megapixel radar moving violation enforcement camera, featuring a quad-core CPU and an ultralight, compact design that can be mounted on a tripod or the dashboard of any police cruiser. Speed enforcement officers can then set triggers based on grace speeds to automatically capture violators that exceed the speed limit without getting out of their vehicle and into traffic.

The Model S has a digital beam forming radar able to simultaneously track each vehicle on the road, as well as its speed, acceleration and lane. It includes a 20-48 megapixel camera for day and night photos as well as a 8 megapixel video camera. In addition to its 8 CPU cores, it also has a neural processor for a machine learning engine to assist with offence classification.

The mobility of the cameras improves efficacy of speed enforcement by making drivers aware of police presence and by allowing officers to focus on roadways where speeding is excessive to the point of reckless driving.

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