Viva hopes for a near miss

Viva is demonstrating its new AI-powered 3D collision detection technology at the ITS America Conference & Expo in Dallas. Called Near Miss, the AI smart road safety solution is being piloted by New York City DOT with 12 sensors deployed around multi-modal intersections in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.
April 26, 2023
Peter Mildon of Viva
Peter Mildon of Viva

The Near Miss sensor collects width, height, length, speed and direction data to determine the trajectory of vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians as a way to calculate the probability of a collision. DOTs can then use this data to identify event hot spots and take appropriate action to prevent them.

Near Miss can also use the data to predict how proposed solutions will impact the rate of collisions, allowing DOTs to first try cheaper, less disruptive solutions—such as additional signage or traffic light timing—before implementing more disruptive solutions.

According to Peter Mildon, Viva’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO), data collection and video analysis is conducted on the end device rather than in the cloud or a remote server. When accessed, the captured video is blurred out to protect driver and pedestrian privacy.

“Near Miss is a diagnosis tool, not a big brother tool,” Mildon said. “We want to prevent collisions before they happen rather than punish people for violations after the fact.”

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