Avanti R&D tests world-first AI camera tech

At the 2018 ITS World Congress, Avanti R&D, a laboratory of automotive, electronics manufacturer, and AI engineers, presented Anonymous Re-ID, the world's first AI traffic camera technology that measures the path of travel for various mobilities
September 22, 2021
Avanti R&D


The company has been conducting pilot runs globally since with governments and data aggregators, and has found there was value in simultaneously acquiring not only traffic information but also environmental data and visualising the correlation between the two. Thus, Avanti added sensors to our AI traffic camera such as PM2.5, ozone, CO2, gyro and sound. This data is being analysed using statistics and AI in collaboration with the University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo Japan.

Avanti says it has been testing this technology in the US, and within a few months it will be installed in Denmark, and in the future in Thailand and Japan, enabling the differences to be seen in various cultures, climates, and modes of transportation.

In Hamburg, Avanti will share the progress of this research, named Mermaid (Municipal Emission Reduction Monitor Aid).

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