Cohda demos V2P solution

Cohda Wireless has demonstrated a Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) detection solution in which the connected vehicle receives warnings based on the proximity of vulnerable road users (VRU).Cohda says the driver is alerted to the presence of the VRUs on the basis of safe, close or critical distance, raising their awareness so they can take appropriate action to avoid a collision. The technology comprises a wearable electronic tag which can be mounted on a cyclist's helmet or attached to a backpack or clothing accessory
October 14, 2021


Bernd Luebben, vice president business development at Cohda, believes the system represents a practical and highly interoperable solution for incorporation into a connected intelligent transport system.

“Invariably, accidents comprising pedestrians and cyclists involve an element of surprise and that’s what we are attempting to address with this technology,” Luebben says.

“For example, a pedestrian might step out into traffic from behind a truck, or a bus has obscured the presence of a cyclist and the driver only realises that the cyclist is there when a collision is unavoidable. It’s this non-line-of-sight application that is particularly beneficial.”

The demonstration was carried out in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors and Spectrum FiftyNine, a company specialising in the design and integration of collision avoidance modules.

Huanyu Gu, senior product marketing manager ADAS at NXP, says that a strong ecosystem and partnerships are crucial for the continuous development of Vehicle to Everything (V2X).

“Use cases like Vehicle to Pedestrian make clear that all road users can benefit from the proven V2X/DSRC technology and chipsets that are already in standard use in selected passenger car models today,” Gu adds.

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