Here's 3D HD map is on track

Here is helping to trial technology which will allow public transport authorities to make better use of their resources. The location data provider is involved in the Sensors4Rail project with German railway company Deutsche Bahn
October 13, 2021
Tamara Ciullo of Here
Tamara Ciullo of Here

This gives trains precise information about exactly where they are on the track at any given time – allowing rail operators to schedule more trains without having to invest in extra infrastructure.

As the world’s cities bring in measures to decarbonise transport, such as banning cars from their centres, there are moves to attract more people to public transport. “In cities there is no room to build more infrastructure but there is an increasing need for urban transportation,” says Michael Schöllhorn of Here. “Sensors localise the train’s position to the centimetre.

The goal is 35% more utilisation of existing tracks via a number of measures. This will be a big enablier for automated train operation as well.”

Here provides the 3D HD mapping which allows centimetre-accurate location of the train itself.  Other partners in the project are Siemens Mobility, Bosch Engineering and Ibeo Automotive Systems.

Other projects on show in Hamburg include Here’s work with indoor spatial technology specialist NavVis and Swiss rail group SBB to help travellers find their way round unfamiliar transport hubs such as railway stations. Here’s mapping know-how is added to NavVis’ digital twin of one of Zurich’s main train stations to create an app which guides users through their surroundings. Here’s Tamara Ciullo says: “We show you how to get from A to B, with suggestions for parking and bus and tram services.”

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