Horiba tests out solutions

In order to safely navigate a fully automated vehicle in traffic, sensors are needed but which require additional testing. Horiba's CAV lab-based testing solutions allow for scenario-based testing procedures that may be adapted according to specific standards
October 13, 2021


The future test cell, therefore, combines standard test procedures with connected autonomous vehicle testing applications to achieve scenario-based testing. This allows sensor testing with or without physical connections, depending on the specific case, such as development, homologation and PTI – periodic technical inspection. This solution can be combined with Horiba’s comprehensive range of products and services to enable reproducible real-time testing of vehicles equipped with ADAS systems. These include dynamic and responsive dynamometers, such as Vulcan chassis dynamometer, Titan Powertrain VSL wheel-hub dynamometer, standalone hardware-in-the-loop testing solutions and the secure Stars Automation and Enterprise lab management system.

Horiba’s CAV testing solutions contribute to validation processes and help developing ADAS functions by closing the gap between simulation, hardware-in-the-loop and proving ground tests enabling automated scenario-based testing procedures for vehicles and sensors, ensure reliable results.

Stand B5.512

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