Ibeo Lidar in a new dimension

Ibeo Automotive Systems’ 4D solid state Lidar, ibeoNext, creates a detailed 3D model of the environment with moving objects
October 12, 2021
© Korn Vitthayanukarun | Dreamstime.com
© Korn Vitthayanukarun | Dreamstime.com

Furthermore, the ibeoNext sensor displays an additional image because different surfaces reflect the laser beam to different degrees. This is the fourth property of every measured point in three-dimensional space, which is why developers and engineers at Ibeo refer to it as 4D environment detection: a so-called intensity image is created, similar to the video image of a black-and-white camera. The ibeoNext has no moving parts at all which the company says makes the sensor more robust and therefore reliable over a longer period compared to Lidar technology with rotating mirrors. In combination with a wide vertical viewing angle, a high resolution and range as well as the modular structure of the sensor system that allows a wide range of applications, this solid-state Lidar is the next major step on the way to fully-autonomous driving, the firm says. ibeoNext can be used for automotive applications as well as many possible applications in the industrial sector.

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