IRD now 'at the heart' of Europe

IRD (International Road Dynamics) has used the ITS World Congress to unveil its new subsidiary, IRD Europe. The driver of its creation, says Rish Malhotra, president and CEO, is a desire to be at the heart of one of the world’s fastest developing ITS markets with a distinct identity which gives the group greater regional cohesion. Ultimately, it means better service for both existing and new customers
October 13, 2021
Rish Malhotra of IRD with the team
Rish Malhotra of IRD with the team

IRD has delivered weigh-in-motion and other commercial vehicle-related safety and enforcement solutions to the European market for three decades. Recent changes, continues Malhotra, will reposition the group as the leading light in commercial vehicle enforcement.

At the same time, strategic acquisitions have extended IRD’s influence from strategic roads into urban environments.

Group companies in Europe now include Icoms Detections, whose microwave-based detection systems are used for traffic management, enforcement and vulnerable road user protection; Sensor Line, a specialist in fibre optic-based technology for tolling classification and cyclist detection; and VDS, developer and supplier of the only radar-based products currently certified by the PTB, Germany’s national metrology institute, for direct enforcement of traffic violations.

A complementing acquisition in North America, of ETC Corporation, adds to IRD’s portfolio an electronic clearing-house capability which supports operations in tolling and adjacent ITS sectors.

“IRD Europe enables us to consolidate our regional position and opens the way to future acquisitions and expansion,” Malhotra concludes. “It supports our longer-term goal — to increase the safety and efficiency of all roads.”

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