Outokumpu steels itself to sustainability

Outokumpu is showing why stainless steel, best known for providing strength and corrosion resistance for railcars and road tankers, is a superb material for sustainable transportation
October 13, 2021


Outokumpu is showing how the company’s new high strength Forta H-Series offers possibilities to help car and bus designers create stronger and lighter structures that boost energy efficiency and increase crash safety. The weight of a bus could be cut by 1,000kg, note the company. Meanwhile, the heat protection properties of the material are ideal for electric vehicle batteries and its non-magnetic nature helps build highly efficient electric motors.

Outokumpu also notes that stainless steel is set to play a vital role in the growing hydrogen economy, often seen as the fuel of the future. It will enable the mass production of the bipolar plates at the heart of fuel cell stacks, as well as vital elements such as the tank and piping that hold hydrogen fuel under pressure.

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