Vitronic’s innovative toll systems look to future

One of the most important future mobility issues deals with how to manage the increased volume of traffic in cities. So, among other things, versatile, flexible and user-friendly tolling systems are in demand. Vitronic’s presentation in Hamburg will therefore focus on traffic technology solutions that, among other things, enable the sustainable financing of alternative mobility concepts
September 22, 2021


Future-oriented toll technologies enable automatic control of both mobile and stationary units. Attendees can learn more about mobile toll control vehicles from Vitronic: 102 of them are currently already in use as part of the electronic toll collection system of the National Tax Administration in Poland. In this application, detection, identification and classification of vehicles to be checked is carried out automatically from a moving vehicle.

The heart of the control vehicles is the enforcement bar. This is a mobile, fully automatic licence plate reading and classification system. It enables automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and classification into different vehicle classes. In addition, the technology used can recognise licence plates in four directions. Even at high vehicle speeds, the system achieves a very high recognition rate and allows the inspector to concentrate on the suspicious cases identified. The system transmits the captured data to the electronic toll collection system, where it could be compared with a database.

Stand B5.230 VITRONIC at the ITS World Congress 2021!

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