Wejo makes the data connection

Wejo, a global leader in connected vehicle data, is here in Hamburg to launch Wejo Studio and to allow attendees to discover the mobility revolution and how connected vehicle data is transforming how we live, work, and travel
October 12, 2021
Jaap Van Den Hoek of Wejo
Jaap Van Den Hoek of Wejo

Wejo Studio democratises Big Data, making it simpler and easier for all types of organisations and users to derive insights from connected vehicles. This web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) mobility insights platform analyses data from millions of connected vehicles and translates billions of data points in near real-time into game-changing traffic and journey insights for all business users to leverage. Users can gain actionable, meaningful insights without a team of in-house tech experts.

Wejo Studio is the latest in a comprehensive suite of connected vehicle data offerings that have inspired the likes of Microsoft, Palantir and insurance giant Sompo into partnering with the company. The data Wejo gets comes from 13 auto makers and manufacturers and every day Wejo ingests 16.4 billion of data points from over 11.2 million live vehicles.

Here in Hamburg, visitors will be able to experience all of Wejo’s products, including vehicle movement, driving events, traffic intelligence, journey intelligence and, of course, Wejo Studio.  

“At Wejo, we’re working with companies and organisations around the world to power innovations, transform services and deliver new products,” says Jaap Van Den Hoek, VP of solutions engineering. “At our stand we have full product demonstrations and a team of Wejo experts on hand to showcase our case studies and fire visitors’ imaginations as to the possibilities of the mobility revolution.”

Stand B7.210

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