Automotus enables Smart Loading Zones

Automotus has developed a new automated kerb management solution that runs on cameras equipped with computer vision technology. Mounted on existing city or airport infrastructure—such as streetlight poles—the solution enables Smart Loading Zones that minimise distractions, decrease safety hazards and reduce non-tax deductible parking citations for fleet operators.
September 21, 2022
Ashwin Mohan of Automotus
Ashwin Mohan of Automotus

Each camera is capable of capturing a minimum of 30 frames per second to support automated vehicle detection and licence plate reading (ALPR) – allowing agencies to collect real-time comprehensive kerb activity data, enforce parking violations and automatically invoice drivers for the exact amount of time they spend at the kerb. Each camera also contains an embedded processing unit and cellular data chip to protect user privacy and keep infrastructure adjustments minimal.

Vehicles must go through a free, one-time registration via digital wallet for permitted access to the Smart Loading Zones. Fleet managers can also register multiple vehicles at once. Once registered, drivers can pull into any Smart Loading Zone and begin loading or unloading while Automotus technology identifies the vehicle and automatically charges the user’s digital wallet.

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