Autotalks launches third-generation chipsets

Autotalks launched its new third generation chipsets TEKTON3 and SECTON3 at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles this week. Designed to support all upcoming Vehicle to Everything (V2X) requirements, the devices are the world’s first chipsets that support both Day 1 scenarios and 5G C-V2X for Day 2 scenarios.
September 21, 2022
Jeffrey Fefer of Autotalks
Jeffrey Fefer of Autotalks

According to the company, the chipsets are also the first Functional Safety certified V2X chipsets designed according to ISO26262 ASIL B—certifying them to be used in automatic braking applications. They have also been awarded for series production of a passenger car by a major automotive OEM. First samples are expected to be available in early 2023, and the first cars equipped with the new chipsets are set to be available in 2025.

The new chipsets are designed to support all upcoming V2X requirements in both DSRC and C-V2X communication technologies—including the latest 5G C-V2X and IEEE802.11bd. They also support concurrently full backward compatibility to any Day 1 vehicle where each vehicle reports its own data using either DSRC or LTE-V2X as well as Day 2 use cases where vehicles are also required to report all information detected by its sensors for “sensor sharing” or “cooperative perception”.

The chipsets will embed ultra-low-latency V2X Hardware Security Modules (eHSM) and hardware acceleration of line rate security verification. TEKTON3 also includes an optimised CPU scaled for Day 1 and Day 2 V2X stack execution.

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