Cubic celebrates 50 years of success

For over 50 years, Cubic Transportation Systems has been getting people from point A to point B safely and efficiently. In 1972, Cubic expanded into the transportation industry; one year later the company launched an automatic fare collection system for Chicago’s Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, illustrating the core of the Cubic business.
September 19, 2022
The team from Cubic
The team from Cubic

The company’s history centres on partnerships with the world’s most renowned metropolitan transportation agencies and implementing payment and information technology for their riders. Recognising the evolving transportation landscapes, especially that people’s journeys consist of multiple modes of transport, Cubic transformed from transit-focused to mobility-focused. The company works with partners from all transportation modes across small communities, metropolitan cities and regional authorities.

Cubic integrated Trafficware and Gridsmart solutions into the company’s existing portfolio of mobility solutions. Its solutions include a comprehensive suite of hardware and software components that manage traffic movements, delivering a fully-integrated approach that provides traffic managers with seamless, real-time, and predictive insights into traffic conditions.

Cubic aims to connect with delegates here at the ITS World Congress to demonstrate its intelligent transportation platform improves safety and reduces congestion. And how the company’s urban mobility back-office fare payment solutions can be leveraged.

As Cubic celebrates 50 years of progressing mobility together with its partners, the company is inviting visitors to toast its achievements as it looks forward to further advancing mobility.

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