In focus fast with Merit Lilin

At the booth of Merit Lilin, look up and you’ll see looking down on you what the company says is the world's first 4K AI traffic camera equipped with the latest Yolo AI. The Yolo - ‘you only look once’ - algorithms ensure super-fast and extremely high resolution images.
September 21, 2022
Harry Yang of Merit Lilin
Harry Yang of Merit Lilin

The camera – the S7R5588EX30 - can track objects after identifying them and then trigger various behavioural modes, such as loitering or perimeter crossing. At the same time, since different AI models can be loaded in the application field. Recognition type of objects can be unlimited and the application can be more diverse and flexible.

For traffic monitoring, the camera can identify vehicle type, such bus or sedan car, the manufacturer and the colour of the vehicle. When identifying humans, the technology is not limited by the human pose. It can be successfully determined by squatting, running, jumping or standing still.

The S7R5588EX30 has a fine pedigree at Merit Lilin. For law enforcement, the Merit Lilin Z7R8082EX30 camera is essential for getting a clear picture. It can zoom up to 30 times and when combined with a wide-angle model, it can play a close-up effect.

Meanwhile, highway authorities can rest assured that there are no undetectable licence plates if the Z7R8182X10 camera is deployed. It can distinguish colours, characters, states and numbers and recognise speeds up to 60mph. It supports allow-lists, block-lists and visitor lists and even records events and integrates third-party ticketing systems.

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