Jogan ensures no hiding place for driving offenders

There’s no hiding now for drivers and front seat passengers who aren’t wearing seatbelts or are using their phones while driving. The latest addition to the QCAM range of optical imaging cameras has a colour polarised lens that sees clearly into the front seat of vehicles.
September 21, 2022
Dan Dietrich & Francois Macq of Jogan
Dan Dietrich & Francois Macq of Jogan

It’s another step in the right direction, explains Dan Dietrich, president of Jogan Traffic and with more than 20 years international experience in the imaging sector. “The future is to extend this technology so we can see straight into the back seat as well,” he says.

Jogan Traffic has partnered with Belgian manufacturer Macq Mobility to bring the QCAM5 and other cutting edge European technologies to the North American market. The QCAM5 ANPR camera delivers unprecedented number plate recognition capabilities. It can operate across up to four lanes and differentiates all vehicles – cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, trams – as well as people.

Moreover, it integrates a ‘Make and Model’ recognition feature, as well as a ‘vehicle colour’ characterisation. Both features are invaluable in finding vehicles and closing the gap in similar product offerings. These features, when available, typically require additional hardware and software.

The QCAM5 camera is also calculates an instantaneous speed estimate for each vehicle travelling within its field of view. The physical unit is small and blends in discreetly with its urban surroundings. Moreover, a miniaturised motor within the support arm allows remote alignment, removing the need for an aerial lift truck for final mechanical setup.

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