Miovision Scout Explore points the way to success

Miovision Scout Explore expands on the capabilities of Miovision Scout, a portable video-based traffic data collection solution. This next-generation model is even easier to transport and set up since all components are contained within the device.
September 20, 2022
Kurtis McBride of Miovision
Kurtis McBride of Miovision

In fact, Scout Explore, says Miovision, is the first portable video-based traffic data collection solution to offer on-device processing capabilities. It should be available early next year. Thanks to advanced AI, Scout Explore is the first portable video-based traffic data collection solution capable of processing video on the device and automatically uploading volume counts, speed and pedestrian/bike pathway data to the Cloud for immediate remote access and analysis.

“With its on-device processing capabilities, Scout Explore offers a safer, cost-effective alternative to road tubes for collecting multimodal traffic counts and speed data,” says Steve Strout, Miovision president. “It is capable of supporting simultaneous data collection activities, including travel time, roundabout studies and turning movement counts and you can expect more types in the future.”

Built-in cellular connectivity enables the automatic uploading of data, as well as remote monitoring of the equipment in the field. Expandable battery power provides up to 12 days running time with four batteries that can be replaced in the field, even in mid-study, for virtually unlimited running time.

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