Navtech selected for Maryland project

Navtech’s ITS solution has been recently selected as the AID technology for a major highway corridor in Maryland, as the company is highlighting here in LA. It will be providing stopped vehicle detection, automatic incident detection, count and classify, slow vehicle detection and wrong-way driver detection. Navtech says its technology was chosen due to its functionality and reduced maintenance when compared to vision-based AID technologies.
September 20, 2022
Phil Avery (left) & Kieron Parker of Navtech
Phil Avery (left) & Kieron Parker of Navtech

Navtech’s highways technology, ClearWay detects when and where traditional technology can’t. It provides consistent operation in all conditions, as well as 360o, multi-lane highway coverage, and delivers multiple capabilities from a single radar.

Visitors are invited to speak to Navtech UK and US team representatives who will be on hand to explain how its radar-based technology works and how it can help advance safety and improve journeys on highways.

In August 2020 Navtech Radar introduced the KTS radar to its range, making its highways road safety technology available to use in more regions of the world, including the US. The KTS-350 is FCC certified and is specially designed to operate in the Ka Band, meeting local frequency requirements.

Navtech says its solutions push the boundaries of what is traditionally possible, using its unrivalled radar technology.

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