No summertime blues for Gewi

Canada’s Quebec City, with a population of round 550,000, has a specific challenge when it comes to building new roads and maintaining existing ones. Harsh winter weather means roadworks have a short window of opportunity – April to October at best. During these summer months there can be upwards of 2,000 sets of roadworks, causing major traffic snarls.
September 21, 2022
Hagen Geppert of Gewi
Hagen Geppert of Gewi

TIC for Work Zones is a software solution from the German software company Gewi. It uses configurable, predefined steps to define exactly what work will be done, when and where. The all-in-one system handles every aspect, from a request for works, through analysis, to permit generation and sharing the information. By using a single system, comprising many solutions delivering the information across multiple channels, the chance of discrepancies, conflicts and omissions are greatly reduced.

The solution can automatically import permit requests from other systems being used, with data being harmonised and, if required, improved by the operator. Work zones are highly coded and geo-referenced so the solution automatically detects conflicts.

The solution not only exports permit documents, but also outputs to websites and social media in multiple languages to sat-nav systems, connected vehicles and systems supporting the USDoT WZDX standard. Work zone data can even be used to issue fines for works being carried out without a licence or feed the 911 emergency telephone number system to save lives – emergency vehicles can find the best route to the incident location.

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